Dynalyse AB


Derome har flera Dynagrade och Precigrader

Derome upgraded from Dynagrade to Precigrader

« We chose to upgrade from Dynagrade to Precigrader to increase our result in grade C30. The yield varies with size, length and batches. But, we estimate the C30 yield has increased on average by 25% compared with Dynagrade.

 – Per Andersson, Development Manager, Derome, Oct 2018.

Moelven använder Dynagrade, Precigrader och MC Pro

Moelven glulam factory in Töreboda, Sweden chose the MC Pro 2400

« We chose MC Pro for our process, which has given us an equipment with great operational reliability and minimum maintenance. It is easy to calibrate and manage for the operators in daily production.
The installation and startup of the equipment went smoothly, the first day we could use it in production. Now when we have used it in a few months, we see that the moisture sorting works well for the applied setting values, we only perform spot checks to verify the measurement process is working correctly. »
– Jan Andrén, Technical Manager, Moelven Töreboda, Oct 2015.

Vida använder flera system från Dynalyse

Vida Borgstena planer mill, Sweden chose two MC Pro 2400

« The MC Pro 2400 was easy to install, works well and can handle most tasks. The moisture meters are providing great feedback to the dry kiln operators. The MC Pro 2400 is simply the most complete moisture meter, in my opinion. »
– Jimmie Bergkvist, Planer Mill Supervisor, Vida Borgstena, Oct 2015.